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Viking Worship Rituals of the Moon

Uppsala is the location of the great Viking (Norse) temple. Built completely out of wood, this temple was richly decorated with gold. The temple at Uppsala was in the architectural style of a Scale temple.

The central worship chamber had the god Thor sitting on a throne in the chamber’s center. Thor presides over the air, rain, thunder, lightning, wind, and ritual sacrifices to Thor bring good crops.

Wotan is seated on the right hand of Thor. Wotan is the god of war, and the Vikings were war-faring people who conquered foreign lands. Before setting off to battle or sailing for foreign lands for invasions, Wotan would make sacrifices. Frikko is seated on Thor’s left. Frikko is the god who bestows peace and pleasure, including sexual pleasure.

Ritual sacrifices Ritual sacrifices took place outside the Stave temple, and there was a stone slab in the front courtyard where the sacrificial animal would be slaughtered, and its blood drained. This drained blood would be passed to all present to place a mark on their face with the blood.

Ritual festivals took place every nine years. Every nine years, many able inhabitants took the journey into the mountains to attend the great festival at Uppsala. These ritual festivals lasted over nine days, and 9 males of every animal would be sacrificed, including 9 human males. These sacrifices would be hung in the grove next to the Stave temple. During these festivals, everyone would partake in the eating of Psylocibin mushrooms or “magic mushrooms.” Psilocybin mushrooms are indigenous to forests around Northern Europe and grow naturally amongst the trees. These mushrooms were also taken on voyages to conquering lands and often eaten before a battle to place the Vikings in the “berserker” state to fight vigorously and without conscience.

Bil’s song of worship BIL

A black candle in the black night Dark black wishes silently offered to your non-face Invisible Goddess Hear me

Bil …

A black line on blackened ground Healing, healing, healing breath from my mouth From the black soul from the underground Abyss of my throat Black is the new colorful

With the dark idea – black is also my mind – I feel the interlocking of the possibility that remained Good black moon goddess sister of the pale face that lit up the night, but today, not

Bil … In the black flame on the black wick dances what I now capture like a black hole heavy but overwhelmingly swells the hope still Under the black water lies somewhere the ford I am not waiting I wade to my rebirth

BIL, BLACK MOON GODDESS A black candle in the black night deep and dark desires spoken without a word to Your no-face invisible Goddess do You hear me

Bil …

A black line at the black painted ground heal, heal, heal breath out of my mouth out of the black soul out of the underground abbys of my throat black is the new color

Bil …

With a dark meaningblack is my mind, too – I’m asking about the possibility to keep Dear Black Moon Goddess sister of the White Face that lightened the night but not tonight

In the black flame of the black candle something is dancing there what I will catch like a black hole heavy, but mightier than mighty hope is still growing Under the black water there is the ford, anywhere I’m not waiting I’m walking thru to my rebirth

The Rök runestone has inscriptions that make various references to Norse mythology. It was found in Rök in Sweden, where it can still be seen.

Prose Edda, written by Store Sturluson, a historian, and scholar, in around 1220, is the story of Bil and Hjuki. This has been theorized to be the English nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill.

🔰 The Viking temple of Uppsala » Vichingo. top Temple at Uppsala – Wikipedia Vikings: Valhalla Map Explained – Kattegat, England, Mercia & Normandy ( Gamla Uppsala | Viking Archaeology (

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