The love story of the Moon Goddess Selene

What can be more magical and mystical than the goddess of the moon falling in love with a mortal shepherd boy?

Love is as mysterious as the glowing moon, shining like a silver orb floating across the night sky? Compare the magic of the moon with love. There is no logic, and there are no earthly explanations. Watching the beautiful moon float across the sky is like looking into the eyes of the one you love. Nothing can explain this, and nothing can compare.

Selene, the ultimate Titan goddess of the moon, felt the same as she glanced down one night and saw a shepherd boy on Mount Latmos. She dimmed her shimmering moonlight as she went closer to earth as she did not want to frighten the shepherd boy.

At that moment, the shepherd boy looked up and directly into the eyes of the moon goddess Selene. Selene saw the most haunting blue eyes she had ever seen and felt her heart-melting away into his clear blue eyes. They looked magical, and Selene knew she had to see the shepherd boy again.