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The Power of Circle and The Magical Mystical Moon.

The Power of Circle and the Magical Mystical Moon

Life is a cycle and one of the most potent symbols in life; it embraces fertility, growth, death, and rebirth—a rotation of all things on earth and in the heavens. Since ancient times people have realized that coming together enables them to harness the power of the universe. Women’s circles show life as a continuum, and there is no beginning and no end, only an unbreakable flow of collective energy in the mind, body, and spirit.

Lunar forces affect human beings just as they affect everything else on earth. These forces are invisible yet affect our subconscious, a principle that has been difficult to prove scientifically. However, scientific studies have shown the effect of the lunar cycle on water; we can logically conclude that since our bodies are made up of 70% water, the moon’s cycles will affect our physical bodies. At the same time, if our physical body is affected by the moon, it would affect the aspects of our spiritual and emotional being. We are one body comprised of physical, emotional, and spiritual elements.

Moon circles are a gentle reminder that we have to love ourselves and reflect that love to others. When this ancient practice is implemented regularly, we are blessed with the abundant gifts of the universe in all aspects of our lives. In doing so, we work with the natural flow of universal energy rather than against it.

The moon affects the ocean tides, as is rainfall, due to the gravitational changes based on the moon’s position with the earth. It reveals the true power of the moon in the universe. Coming together in a circle during a specific lunar phase allows us to harness this immense power. Joining in circle in conjunction with the new moon will enable us to connect through our collective energy and spirit to the universal force of the moon. Thus, it allows us to sustain, embrace and encourage each other while planting seeds of intention for future harvest.

Gathering in a circle promotes a feeling of community, grounding, and openness to other women and the universal power of the moon. The essence of this process allows us to be free from belief systems and energies that drain our core. A circle embraces our emotions, cultures, and prejudices. We can heal ourselves, our ancestral wounds, and our relationships by accepting and dissolving the judgment of others as we recognize ourselves in one another.

It is a circle that brings women together during the moon’s phases and helps us feel grounded in our inner power. During this time, women intuitively gather come together. We learn that we are well-rounded beings who can balance the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves and be the complete being from which the planet can now draw energy.

We innately know we are safe, strong, and supported in circle. In this space is where the divine feminine truly lives and why women are strongly connected to the energetic force of the moon. Ultimately, we allow ourselves to heal and emerge as a renewed being in the light of the magical, mystical moon.

Ancient Origins

Ancient communities called the moon the divine feminine and believed that the moon blessed us with the power to ground, center, and heal our being. The moon was thought to be the universal power that brought higher wisdom to women.

Women are inexplicably linked to the moon, as seen in our menstrual cycle, which varies between 21-35 days, often mirroring the 29 days of the moon’s cycle—proving that menstrual Cycles intermittently sync with moon circles.

The moon cycle has eight phases, but two are the most powerful and have unique energy and vibration that we connect physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Moon circles are most potent and magical during the new moon and full moon phases of the lunar cycle.

Working with the Moon

New Moon – During the lunar phase of the new moon, the sun and moon are aligned; this signifies the merging of the feminine and masculine. This is the perfect time to reflect and turn inward, be still and set new intentions for this new cycle.

Full Moon – The full moon shows a time of prosperity in all things, nourishment, and celebration, a time to practice gratitude for the abundance in your life. It is the time to let emotions and feelings come to the fore, a time to confront your shadows so you can heal and move on along your chosen path.

Moon energy and the powerful forces of the moon are intangible, but as it is with love, faith, and astrology, we feel the existence in our subconscious. Working with the moon is a natural way to tune into nature and draw on the energy of the moon to bring peace and harmony into your life. Let the power of the moon bring rhythm into your days, weeks, and months and as you draw on the power of the moon monthly, allow the moon to align your year with the power of the universe.

Joining a moon circle is similar to the first time you dipped your toes into the cool blue waters of the ocean. Gradually immerse yourself into a circle with like-minded women who feel the moon has the power to heal and nurture. In the sanctuary of a moon circle, allow your true self to be revealed; a circle is an authentic, safe space where there is no judgment.

Share your truth, dreams, and hopes, and begin your healing and transformation by accepting the power that the moon freely gives to nature, and you, as a natural being, embrace the authority granted by the moon.

A moon circle builds a community and offers healing energy to everyone in the circle. And as the strength of the circle increases, all that have been energized and healed by the moon can extend their healing power to others.

Just as your toes create a ripple effect in the water of the ocean, allow your moon energy to create a ripple effect in your community and share your healing power. The power the moon has given to you, you can now share with others you meet along your journey through life.

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