The Hero Twins – Became the Moon and the Sun

Twin brothers Hun Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu were talented players of the Mayan ball game Pok-ta-Pok. The twins had a wonderful time playing their favorite ball game but were extremely noisy. This continuous noise of the twins irritated the Lords of the underworld, and they decided to summon the twins to their court to chastise them.

The Death Lords of Xibalba, the name of the underworld, tricked the twins into a ball game, and when the twins lost the game, they were killed. As proof of their victory, the Death Lords hung the head of Hun Hunahpu from a tree near the ball field to ensure all the Mayan people knew that they were victorious and no one should anger them.

One day as the underworld goddess Xquic walks by the ball field, she stops to admire a tree bearing the most delicious fruit. Not knowing the tree was inhabited by the spirit of the great warrior named Hunahpu, she looks at the tree and is about to pick one of the delicious fruits.

The reincarnated spirit of Hunahpu spits magical black seeds into the hands of Xquic, and she becomes pregnant.