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The Bounty of the Buffalo

In our Goddess Circle, we can delve deeply into the majestic bounty of the buffalo.

Let us begin by looking into the symbolic meaning of the buffalo. There are several meanings associated with the buffalo. The buffalo is an element true to the earth; it walks a sacred path, intrinsically knowing the planet is a holy space, as is every living creature on earth.

Buffalo symbolizes

  1. Abundance

  2. Bravery

  3. Bounty

  4. Courage

  5. Strength

  6. Respect

  7. Resilience

When a buffalo travels with you, the Universe honours you with gifts and the lessons that you will learn from the buffalo.

Harmonious living with nature and the courage and bravery to walk the path of life is what the buffalo brings; these are the gifts that we must accept with gratitude and thankfulness to the universe, and prosperity will come naturally. Living with an attitude of gratitude opens the path of abundance and brings energy and joy.

Do not be afraid if a buffalo appears or the buffalo symbol. They may reveal themselves to show you that you are afraid of attaining success; depending on the buffalo’s direction, you might be receiving guidance on which path to follow.

On the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, the buffalo represents the North direction. This direction reflects the power of renewal, the power of quickening, the power of purity, the power of clarity, intelligence, and the mind.

The mantra of the buffalo is “count your blessings”.

Buffalo seeks an ongoing relationship with the Great Spirit, all of creation and itself.

When looking at a buffalo in terms of a symbol within our moon circle, we also need to consider the size of the buffalo. A buffalo has a robust body, solid shoulders and a large head, with a well-balanced body weight that keeps it grounded during the storm.

In life, we face many storms, some large and some small; they may both be particularly draining on our spiritual and emotional bodies. At this time, we can concentrate on the mental image of a buffalo, knowing that a buffalo does not run away from a storm but rather rides through the storm. Imagine yourself, grounded and strong as a buffalo riding through the storm life has presented in your life.

Once through the storm, you should take a moment to reflect on your courage, bravery and strength that has led you through the storm and now that you have come through the storm unscathed, you have changed.

Your spirit and emotions have changed; you are grateful that you have come through the storm unscathed. You respect yourself because you did not fear the storm but rode through the storm and have emerged stronger and full of grace and respect, not only for yourself but for the storm.

The storm has taught you that whatever you come across on your true path, you will be able to conquer and develop into the strong being you were created to become in this physical world.

Moon Circle Buffalo Symbolism

The buffalo is a herd animal and roams wild and free within the herd. Our moon circles draw people with similar beliefs and practices who want freedom from their daily constraints of life.

The moon circle may be signalling you to test your independence. You may be asked in the safety net of your circle, “have you walked on the wild side lately?” Is it time to roam independently? Will you roam from familiar circumstances and constraints of your everyday life?

It is perfectly ok sometimes to explore a different path, and along this journey with the help from your moon circle, you will always have a safety net there to guide you and listen to whatever you want to share.

The buffalo reminds you of your place in the universe and that we must all work together for the greater good, for the love of all. The buffalo reminds us that as a moon circle – tribe, we can manifest a greater good as our feelings and thoughts are aligned, magnifying our intentions to the universe. You may find this especially true during the phase of the full moon.

Moon Circle Buffalo Power

There could be a reason you feel the need to invoke the buffalo power that this majestic animal shows.

Buffalo’s show a strength of character and resolve, and sometimes when you feel you have an onerous burden to carry, the image of a buffalo might appear. The image of the buffalo brings you inherent strength and conviction to stand true to an issue. The buffalo’s strength allows you to stand up for your goals even when faced with adversity. Buffalo strength gives you greater acceptance of your problems, but you know you can work through your issues by meeting the storm.

Just like the strength from the buffalo, your moon circle is there to share your burden, and your circle makes you stronger, giving you not only your power but the power of all in your moon circle. Together you face the storm, accept your personal journey, and work through issues with the strength of circle guiding and guarding under the watchful nurturing eye of the moon goddess.

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