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Spring Vernal Equinox March 20th, 2022

On Saturday 20th of March, the day and night will be an almost equal duration. In ancient times the equinoxes were celebrated as the first day of spring. This year, this will be the first of the two equinoxes and is a special occasion.

This equinox is important for harnessing these new energies from the 16th to the 23rd of March, around spring equinox time. The first equinox is called the Vernal Equinox. This is when the body will feel subtle yet, powerful shifts and a shift in humanity. March 2022 equinox energies awaken your heart to an awareness of what is happening on the planet.

The energy of Transformation – At this time, the earth requires a transformation, and we, as a collective, can bring about this transformation. There is also the possibility of personal changes using this powerful energy, whether you are looking at changing your physical, emotional, or spiritual intentions. This March 2022 equinox provides the strength and power for you to do so.

Spring Equinox is a time of rebirth and renewal; it brings a new season, Spring! The energies around at this time are unique, like a ball of power, and it may be scary, but it comes from a good place.

This year at the sanctuary of Apollo Hylates at the ancient Greek city of Kourion on the island of Cyprus, there will be a gathering of people who are of the same level of collective consciousness. This temple is dedicated to the Supreme God of Light Apollo.

The other name for this temple on the island of Cyprus is Hylates, the protector of trees. The temple is a bastion (fortification) for the powerful energy from the Sun and light.

At the center of the temple,there is a magnificent ancient Sun Disk; that the center of the temple resides the old Sun Disk that has carried the wisdom and information of Apollo and his spiritual connection to the sun’s energy.

During Spring Equinox, we should use our time and energies to focus and celebrate the sacred balance of all life and the universal powers.

In ancient times and on relief found during excavations the goddess Demeter handed her daughter Persephone a sheath of wheat symbolizing the harvest that has come before and the harvest that will come—passing on the seed as a ritual of the future and making all possible. The ancient Greek poets wrote about this sacred harvest given from Mother to daughter and encompassed the balance of both grief and joy. It is a symbol of the continuing thread of creativity and life through space and time that we all form a part of.

The Magnificent Observatory still standing after 4500 years at Paleque, Mexico

Most of the Maya city-states had elevated observatories where the sun shone directly through the hole in the ceiling. It was equinox day. The Elites of the city and Royal Dynasties sat high above the temple’s steps where grass-covered roofs had been made to protect their skins from the Harsh sun.

Loved ones from far away came to the largest city-state and brought flowers, gifts like colored feathers, and anything they wandered around the Magnificent buildings.

The temple’s Priests were at the top of the Temple, preparing for the feasts and celebrations to begin at sundown.

While this was happening, the men and older boys played pok-ta-pok because they would be revered as the winners for the whole season, which was an honor.

The first Equinox brings rebirth, regrowth, and perhaps a change in the personal path. Use This equinox to plan your renewal emotionally, spiritually, or physically. 20 March 2022 is the perfect time to begin and follow securely where the universe leads you


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