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Recognizing Fear

Begins at a very young age. “Don’t touch that”, “you’re going to fall and hurt yourself”, “if you say that, you’ll embarrass yourself”, don’t spend that, we don’t have enough money”.  Although, these are very important lessons to teach young ones, these thought processes carry into every stage of our lives; adolescence, young adult hood, adulthood, middle age and then into the geriatric stage of life until we are finally dust, never having conquered the illusion of Fear.

Now mind you, there is another type of fear that is innate. This fear is instinctual, you can call it intuition, a sixth sense, your inner voice saying “PAY ATTENTION RIGHT NOW”! This type of Fear is a gift, this is NOT the one I am referring. The Fear I am referring to is unwarranted, hinders your ability to clearly see, handicaps your ability to move forward; a curse.

As a young child and learning to understand our surroundings, we are taught to be fearful before we can rationally process information.  “So you fall, get back up and try again!” How about, “say what you feel and allow your voice to be heard” rather than keep your feelings inside, shameful of how you feel, only to be heard by yourself. These are simple, debilitating things we learned and begin to unconsciously teach, which limits our children and those around us from living with fullness and freedom.

Growing up with these small limiting thoughts, grow into larger, more debilitating internal dialogue set on repeat, and spoken to ourselves on an unconscious level in the background of our mind in our daily interactions. We believe these things that we say to ourselves…sitting alone having coffee, driving to work, these thoughts have been controlling our behavior all of our life because we haven’t paid enough attention to be present in the moment, and redirect our internal voice.

The first step: Brain storm and write out your limiting beliefs, what you have been told from a very young age which has carried into this very present moment. Your fears of failure; the negative experiences that caused you to fear trying something again. A fear of falling in love, fear of success….then put them in statement form beginning with  “I can’t…, I’m afraid…, I’m not worthy of…., etc. These are limiting beliefs and statements.

Once you have written these old beliefs down, The second step: Take those limiting beliefs and turn them into power statements. “I CAN, I CHOOSE, I WILL, I AM WORTHY, ect…”.  Once you have them all written, sit back and read them out loud. Every time you read a statement, breathe in and absorb these new statements. Say them every morning and every night. Things will quickly begin to shift around you. You will stand taller, you will be happier, your surroundings will seem brighter, all because of a few words that begin to adjust your internal voice and dialogue.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” ~Nelson Mandela

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