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Often times we are held back in life…

Often times, we are held back in life by something unseen, unaware of the roadblock in our lives. This “thing” that feels like an invisible cement wall is hindering our view, our perception, our reality, our path and most importantly, our happiness. It’s planted root and becomes larger each day, somehow enabling a feeling of safety, while we watch life pass us by.

It appears through excuses, hesitation, argument, resistance, broken relationships, lack of intimacy, unhappiness, and the list goes on…  Is something hold you back from speaking your mind, telling your boss what you really think, doing what you love, or even better, fully giving yourself to the person you love?

The only way to eliminate fear is to walk through the smog and trust the process. To acknowledge it and know that walking though the door of the unknown, is far more rewarding, than playing it safe.  Watching your true happiness skate by slowly kills our spirit because we choose not to take a risk. With risk offers an opportunity for change, an opportunity for growth and true happiness. What are you willing to risk today?

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