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Living in spirit doesn’t mean you have to be “good” with everything and everyone. It simply means you have to honor yourself and what’s right for you. Some people wonder “WHY” I do certain things in my life or, “WHY” I don’t do certain things. It’s because I choose! I choose authenticity over anything less.

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”~ Maya Angelou. When you’re clear with yourself, you can see things around you with clarity. Choosing to let people go from your life isn’t always easy. Each passing person in our lives is meant to teach us about ourselves. In those given moments, we are actually student AND teacher. It’s up to us to accept the lesson. Otherwise, that type of person will continue to show up over and over in our life.

There was a time when I believed that if I fought for a relationship, and remain standing untill the end, it proved my loyalty. My very best girlfriend once said to me, “it’s ok to let go… sometimes we grow out of people and they no longer fit in our lives.” Since then,  I’ve learned staying in a situation that does not serve you doesn’t make you loyal! It just means you may need to love yourself enough to walk away.

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