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Black Moon Solar Eclipse

Black Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

April 30th, 2022 “The eclipse will coincide with what’s known as a new moon, which is when the moon and the sun are aligned in such a way that the sun only illuminates the part of the moon that is not facing us” (NEWSWEEK, 2022.) Also, travels with the sun throughout the day, and they rise and set together at night.

When in a full alignment, this is a perfect representation of the Male (Sun) and Female (Moon) dance of energy. The yin and yang, the dark and light, summer and winter, hot and cold… The male sees the unseen parts of a woman, illuminating her darkness in the most beautiful way. What happens when we allow ourselves to be seen? Who are we when accepted fully? This is an opportune time to experience the awe and wonder of the first Black New Moon Solar Eclipse in 2022.

In other words, a New Moon is when the moon appears invisible to us here on Earth—much like our inner fears and wounds that we keep within. Except during a solar eclipse when we are lit up by the balance of male energy, exposing the beauty of our true self.

How does the Black moon in Taurus on 30 April affect us?

When we think of the color black, we think of darkness, negativity, and possibly evil, right?

The definition of a Black Moon is that it is the second new moon that occurs during one calendrical month. On April 1 we had a new moon, so the new moon on 30 April is called a “Black Moon”. Other names for a black moon are a “Dark Moon” and a “Lilith Moon” This rare occurrence only happens every 29 months.

Set your mind at ease, the black moon in Taurus on 30 April 2022, brings powerful energy. The term “Black moon” refers t the second new moon in one calendar month – this is an anomaly and brings a time where we can set new intentions and start new beginnings.

This magical Taurus new moon brings good emotional energy, positive feelings, and good fortune. Taurus, as we all know is an earth sign and brings with it a focus on grounding and a focus on our future.

The amazing Black Moon in Taurus allows you to awaken your motivations and plan to achieve your goals. You will feel motivative energy that you must use to the fullest extent. This is the time to make a change! This amazing black Moon will give you the energy to support your passions, your goals and your love interests

This is the time to start a new project that has been developing in your mind, even though you have not thought this project or goal is achievable. The Black Moon In Taurus on 30 April 2022 is giving you the strength, positivity, and universal powers to achieve your dreams.

Even if your project or dream is not fully explored and developed, use this time to start your plan. Do your research, write down the pros and cons, but above all…START!!

It could just be some notes in your journal, some graphics or your intentions, but this is the time to focus on what you really want to achieve in life. Write down ideas, whether they seem deambulatory, it doesn’t matter. The universe is giving you an amazing opportunity to follow your dreams and in fact, achieve your dreams!

The Black Moon in Taurus will be felt over the earth for the next six months, but it is important to focus now! Now is the time to set your intentions for the achievement of your bigger picture. 

30 April 2022, this is the chance the Universe is giving us to achieve our dreams and goals. Dain clarity in your mind by writing down all your thoughts, remember the Black Moon in Taurus will still be sending universal energy to you for the next 6 months! You just need to open the channel at this time.

Specific zodiac signs will be affected during this time, but the energy and goal-setting apply to all zodiac signs. When aligned, all human beings on earth will feel the powerful energies that come along with these rare lunations.

Karmic Debt and Soul Contracts

During this special time of the Black Moon in Taurus, we have a personal tendency to activate pending soul contracts and Karmic debts. This could manifest in the form of a loss of a job, the beginning or end of a relationship, or a specific lesson. These lessons could include feelings of abandonment, rejection, and acceptance. It is important to become mindful and find a stillness in your soul in order to find your lesson.

Do not be afraid of this time of learning, it allows our spiritual being to move forward and integrate into the universal consciousnesses. This growth may not make itself known to you in an apparent way, but it is there, allowing your mind to grow, emotionally and spiritually to in the end achieve the learning of life that we all strive towards.

Taurus – the fixed earth sign of Taurus marks the first solar eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The Black moon on 30 April for Taurus refers to new beginnings, but this is obviously related to the birth chart of the Taurus individual.

All fixed signs will absorb the most energy from the Taurus Black Moon.

Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus will feel the strongest energy forces at this time. Use this energy for self-exploration, self-motivation, self-confidence and to map out your plans for the future

The patient stable Taurus are qualities that all other signs should view as positive and move towards if that is what your internal mindful exploration has shown you.

Scorpio – Scorpio’s inherent need for control and protection, may need to be left behind in order to follow or change to a new path, again, this is a personal choice for each Scorpio. For a Scorpio, this will be difficult as they want to remain in control. Our suggestion is to weigh up the pros and the cons and make the best decision for your life goals.

Leo – The Black moon will illuminate the tenth zodiac house, Leo. This will as an individual bring focus to your career and professional life. This is the year to expect changes for the better. There has been “something” holding you back that no longer serves you. The Black Moon of Taurus is giving you the universal energy to let go and effect change. This year, initiated by the Black Moon will give you the internal strength to make the change required.

During the time of the black Moon use all your senses to get in touch with nature. Become a part of the Universal consciousness which will lead you to a path of enlightenment and love.

To keep the balance of the ebb and flow of life and the universal rules, keep the energy of abundance flowing. Give with love and receive with gratitude.

Trust the balance of the universe in that whatever energy you give will always be returned and in magnanimous ways that you would never have dreamed of.

See you under the moonlight of the Solar Eclipse.



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