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Join us for a Full Moon or New Moon Goddess Circle. This is a sacred ceremony of releasing, intention setting, and guided meditation. You’ll also take part in a burn-ritual while connecting to the Goddess energy of the moon. Come ready and leave feeling renewed, grounded and enlightened.


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Private Circle with Rebecca
Time is TBD
Private Zoom Link
Time is TBD
Private Zoom Link
This is a private one on one sacred ceremony of releasing, intention setting, and guided meditation. You’ll also take part in a burn-ritual while connecting to the Goddess energy of the moon. Come ready and leave feeling renewed, grounded and enlightened. Date and Time TBD
Goddess New Moon Circle
Wed, Nov 18
Nov 18, 7:00 PM PST
It's time to Manifest!

Rebecca Prephan

Your Guide:

Aside from being led by spirit, I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. I'm a seeker of truth, a Black Belt in Karate, and I facilitate workshops and circles incorporating spiritual insight, somatic embodiment, intuitive teachings, and psychology for groups and individuals. I'm fulfilling one of my soul contracts by sharing how to live the life you not only desire but truly deserve.

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"This Circle is SO GOOD on so many levels, it should be covered by health insurance."


"I was led to start attending Goddess Moon Circles in Dec 2019, not really knowing what to expect. I showed up and was open to the process. Things started to happen, beautifully and authentically. It is incredibly healing to be among such an amazing group of strong, impactful women all showing up to be present and heal themselves. So much has changed for the best, within weeks I accomplished things I had put off for months. So many exciting things have been happening - Patience is key."

"I love circle time and look forward to it. It's the two times a month I get to really focus on my self-care and growth... The community is meaningful, the sharing has depth and the effects permeate for lifelong growth. Rebecca's insight is spot on and honest. Often after a circle I feel energized, at peace, and strong."

Lara K. ~ Writer

"Rebecca’s Goddess Moon Circle is a sacred space that I look forward to being a part of every new and full moon.   I cherish this time as my own to check in with my spirituality, femininity and power as a Goddess. It’s a place to share space and energy with the other amazing women who I have met in this circle.  Rebecca is warm, kind and non-judgmental. Upon meeting her I instantly felt welcome and safe. It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic day to day routine, but coming to circle feels like coming home.  Rebecca is helping me along my spiritual journey and each time we meet I am reminded that I truly am a Goddess."

Danielle B. ~ Photographer

"Rebecca’s Goddess Moon Circles are simply magical!!! The sacred space she has created allows me to be vulnerable, open, and transparent in a loving circle of divine feminine energy. All the women attending have their own stories and backgrounds. There’s a sense of support and respect of each other that is surreal. We all arrive at the circles carrying weight on our shoulders and, inevitably, by the end of the circle, all tension and stress is gone. My favorite moments during the circles are the burning ritual and pulling a Goddess Power Word Card at the end. It triggers so much conversation and sharing. I find myself needing the circles and I love that they are every 2 weeks."

Vanessa V. ~ Paralegal

"Rebecca, we are so lucky to have you sharing your gift with us. You continue to teach me to learn to believe in myself, believe what I feel, believe my truth & own it!"

Viki N. ~

"Rebecca is a deeply spiritual and insightful soul with a gentle and authentic energy. Rebecca is an amazing being of light, and supports a transformational space in Circle where women safely share, grow and become, in spirit. I am truly blessed to share this space with such incredible women."

Luna E. ~

"This is a Serendipity ~ Synchronicity story. 

My son, who is also in his full glory of rebel teenager,  and I have been struggling with massive disagreements. As I looked at the moon, Emotionally exhausted from the battles and from my own work schedule, anxiety of the pandemic and how it’s affected my other child, my teenage daughter;

I remembered the meaning behind being a full moon goddess and what I learned  in just one full moon goddess circle with you. 

I looked at the moon and said “enough”.  I am a goddess. I am empowered by the energy of the moon. Goddesses do not argue, do not engage in toxicity. They hold their ground with their head held high. 

The 40 min car ride home was the most pleasant time I’ve spent with my son, confined and trapped within a moving vehicle without rage or argument, in days. 

Thank you moon Goddess Energy. 


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